Your centre for allied health professionals in one convenient new location

Dear clients,

Woonona Osteopathic Clinic has a COVID-19 response policy to reduce risk to yourselves, our staff and the wider community. Please ensure before you book with us that you have no symptoms indicating a cold, flu, hayfever or sinusitis.

We continue to be especially diligent with our hygiene practices, making every effort to provide the most sterile environment.

We thank you for your understanding and appreciate your support.

Woonona Osteopathic Clinic

Located at 26 Ball Street, Woonona, we offer acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathy, massage, podiatry, foot orthotics, and children’s speech therapy.

At the Hub, we address your health and well-being, musculoskeletal conditions, foot problems, biomechanical dysfunctions, women’s health issues, kids’ speech pathology and more.

The Hub was established in 2015 to facilitate a growing practice of local independent allied health professionals with a dedication to delivering the highest-quality results for their patients. It has earned a reputation for honest practice and a strong ethical base.

Take some time to discover what we have to offer – sometimes the best things are local!

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